Please read through before calling to inquire about an event space. If you'd like to book, just fill out the form on the bottom of the page.

1. How much does it cost to book your venue? 

We have five venues available for booking. Pricing here.
1. The Shot Bar [Located in front bar, reserved space but not a private room. Ideal for 20-40 guests]
2. The Outback [Located in 10 Below, is a private room. Ideal for 70-100 guests]
3. The Ice Bar [Located in 10 Below, is a private room. Ideal for 40-60 guests]
4. The North Rooftop [Reserved space but not a private room. Ideal for 70-100 guests]
5. The South Rooftop [Reserved space but not a private room. Ideal for 70-100 guests]

2. I noticed there's a room rental for all venues. Is this negiotiable?

Room Rental is nonnegotiable. Barry's is the Nebraska College Bar, and that is our first priority. Typically our entire venue is open Wednesday-Saturday. In order to make bookings possible, it requires cutting off space that would otherwise be available to the public. This is a big difference between our venue and typical event venues that only cater to events and private parties. Our room rental is to ensure that the booking is worth closing off a part of our venue from the public. For this reason, there are instances where certain venues can't be booked (example: the rooftop is never available for booking on Husker Home Football Games).

3. What's available?

  • The Shot Bar

    • Available: 7 days a week, anytime between 11am and 11pm

  • The Outback

    • Available: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 11am-2am

    • Available: Wednesday and Thursday 11am-8pm

      • Not available after 7pm because we open to public at 9pm

    • Available: Friday and Saturday 11am-11pm

      • Not available after 11pm because we open to public at 12am

  • The Ice Bar

    • Available: 7 days a week, anytime between 11am and 2am

  • The North Rooftop

    • Available: 7 days a week, anytime between 11am and 11pm

  • The South Rooftop

    • Available: Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday, anytime between 11am and 11pm

    • Available: Friday, summer anytime

      • Not available: Friday before 8pm during UNL school year because of Friday After Class *

Restrictions for all venues: Home Husker Football Games [only option is too book a vip booth]

4. Can I bring a DJ or my own music?

If you want to bring your own music/entertainment, The Outback is your best option. There is a DJ booth and HDMI hook up. 
For bookings made in The Ice Bar, Shot Bar and Rooftop the only music option is what's playing over our speakers as the venue runs on one system. The same would go for The Outback if you choose not to bring your own music. We play great music though, so you shouldn't have to worry about this.

For all venues: room rental includes the space, bartender(s), security, use of any tables and chairs, set up and clean up. Free black linens will be provided for tables upon request.
For The Outback: access to our two large projectors and microphone if needed.

5. What does room rental include?

We are 21+ at all times. As a bar, we want to create an adult-focused atmosphere which extends through our music selection and customer culture. The following exception apply to minors:  Private Parties if minors names are signed for in advance, at time of booking and approved by our Event Coordinator. Even during Private Parties this exception only extends until 9pm and must remain in the venue booked. Minors may only make up less than 10% of customers present.

6. Minors?

You may not bring in outside food, with the exception of cake/desserts.
We do have full in-house catering with a wide selection from fried appetizers to a premier dinner buffet. Order needs to be submitted 10 days before party.

7. Catered Food?

Once you fill out the inquiry form, Allison will get back to you about availability. Once a date, time and venue are agreed upon, an electronic form will be sent back. We don't require a deposit. For bookings over a $300 room rental a card is required to hold the room. Payment will be processed the night of the event.

8. What do I need to do to secure a room?

There is no food beverage minimum. This is why we have the room rental in place. We found food/beverage minimums are stressful for the host and too complicated for us.

9. Food/ beverage minimum?

We are very flexible in this area. Some frequent options, but not limited to:
1. Open Bar [where you provide the card and your guests drink on your tab]
2. Closed Bar / "Cash Bar" [all guests buy their own drinks with cash/card]
3. Open Bar with Limit [guests drink on your tab until they hit your budget, say "$500"]
4. Drink Tickets [Drink tickets are $4.50, can be bought in any increment and are redeemable for anything at the bar]
5. Kegs [Busch Keg $200, Bud Light $250. We provide wristbands. Approx. 122 pints per keg]
Any combination above can be combined. Example: Purchase a keg but get drink tickets for guests who don't drink beer. * Note: Kegs, Drink Tickets, Open Bar will all have an additional 20% gratuity charge.

10. Open Bar or Cash Bar?

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